Friday, July 1, 2011

Silliness.....sometimes are the best shots!

I love these silly and random photos that make be smile.  Mike and Kristen are posing for me so I can have a few memories of them before they moved to Iowa a few years ago.  Silly and crazy, you choose, might be Mike's middle name.  He is a Jr. High Youth Pastor so it works perfectly for those "pre-people" he works with.

Now Rachel is my freshman girl model. She was a little quiet at first but then she really got into it.  She is a beauty and a natural.  
This shot was after a very beautiful shot I set up that was more serious in nature. I think she needed to let loose and be the
 "goofy" Rachel.  You can't tell but she had goosebumps from the cold air which suddenly appeared as the sun was going down.
 A beginner but a pro.

This was taken in B & W film. Yes, I said film. This is Michelle's Sr. portrait shoot and it was the last shot of the morning.
It's my favorite and her dad's too.  True joyful laughter.
Silly girls posing for me.  Both actresses who love the camera.
Ambre (L) is looking "much afraid" of holding out that note for 16 beats.
 Raini's expression says, "Are you kidding me?"

Molly is my friend who is a ham and isn't afraid of the camera.  Adorable isn't she? She can sing
like Ethel Merman if you ask her to. :)


  1. I LOVE these photos! wackiness is a much-underappreciated art - LOL! AND I got to be your FIRST blog follower - how COOL is THAT?!?!?!?! xxMarian

  2. You truly are a gifted photographer. Your pictures show the personalities of your subjects...LOVE THEM!

  3. Great pictures, Kathy! Such fun personalities!

  4. Perfect picture of MPH and KZH!-Coral

  5. Your work is always spectacular! And you have certainly captured my son and his sweet wife! - Dottie

  6. Thank you Coral and Dottie - Mike and Kristen were always fun to capture a moment of craziness.

    Thank you, Dawn!

  7. Hey I showed up in your blog! I had forgotten about that pic, Kathy. =)

  8. great blogspot, kathy. excellent work! muffy