Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Garden Tea Party.. wear your hats please!

This was just a short shoot with some friends from church.
  I wanted to capture the moment.
There is a story about the lady on the right...her name is Jane.  You can't really see the hat she is wearing but it was the hat she wore at her wedding.  Probably around the 1920's?  Jane's father had pasted away the day before her wedding day and her mother requested she wear a black dress instead of her wedding dress.  Jane certainly didn't want to do that so they settled on a light blue dress and the hat went with it...kind of.  I love stories like that.

 The group of ladies who secured a seat at Jeanne's garden party.

This is the best hat of the day.  Wore by lady Sarah....isn't she a doll?
Our tea party hostess!

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