Saturday, February 9, 2013

ROCK THE SHOT - "RED" contest

My friend, Pam and I spent a day in Jackson, a quaint little town a few weeks back.  I found this scarf/hat in a cute little antique store and just knew I had to have it for a photo shoot some day.  It was right before Christmas and I decided not to purchase it.  Bad idea.

I couldn't get it out of mind my so Pam graciously and eagerly drove me back to Jackson to pick up this beautiful red scarf. I knew I wanted to take my images with Pam in mind. I bought the scarf (thankfully it was still there) and we hit a few more antique stores and went home.  I was happy!

A few weeks later a few of us were going to lunch after church and I had this scarf/hat in my car. Purposely placed in my car just in case I had a chance to use it.  I asked Pam if she'd pose for me for a just a few shots before we ate lunch.  Literally, this image was taken in the parking lot of Chilies. I only took a few shots and this one came out and captured her beauty. She said she loved wearing the hat and it was keeping her warm too.

This will be one of my favorites for along time.