Friday, October 26, 2012

Creative Fall & Summer all in one shoot.....

It was such a fun day shooting Charlie and Stephanie at Lodi Lake.  At first I thought I might have to go to plan B since we were locked out of the park because of a run/race taking place with a variety of schools. what? Maybe I'll post a shot of the runners who almost trampled us down. (I couldn't resist) Thank goodness for one of the coaches for warning us since we were literally right at the spot they were going to be running.  

I shot some fall and summer images that I had wanted to shoot. I love props and choose the balloons to match Stephanie's dress.  We chose some colors that they liked and added a pop of color with the red scarf to enhance Stephanie amazing blues eyes.  

Are they the most gorgeous couple you've ever laid your eyes on?  Charlie's sister, Rochelle (who is adorable too) set me up with this shoot and I so thrilled to meet them.  Charlie works in Lodi and Stephanie is going to school at Sac State and works there too.  They are both from Lodi and love adventure and outdoor activities.