Friday, March 2, 2012

Creative Shoot with Mlendi

Last weekend I wanted to work with a friend, Mlendi and try some new things on her creative shoot.  I had the best time and kept saying, "I'm in heaven - this is amazing." I had the best time and I think Mlendi did too.   Mlendi, never having done a photo shoot before did an amazing job. You'll see.  She is a natural beauty and natural in front of the camera.  It actually took a whole three images for her to warm up.  :)  That rarely happens!  I'd love to share with these images with you.  Enjoy!
i don't think I've taken a better image than this.  

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  1. This was such an amazing day! Kathy is so fun and easy to work with, she made the whole experience so wonderful for me. I love her vision and ideas, she made me feel every bit a model! :)