Saturday, February 25, 2012

Senior Portraits Season is here...

I am so excited for this spring to have seniors lined up to do their senior photos.  I love working with seniors and making them feel special along with having lots of fun.  The photo shoot is all based on who they are - personality, hobbies and style. I can help them with ideas for a theme, hair, makeup and props but it's all about capturing their beauty inside and out.  So do you have a favorite here?  Here are a few of my favs....
Talent and beautiful Camille....

Camille and one of her mom's favorite 

last shot of the shoot.....

Emily and her best friend, Romeo.

Amazing...that's all I can say. The eyes say it all.

Haley wanted more vintage and I love it to.

Headband and beauty with Rochelle

Rochelle loves the camera and the camera loves her...

Always fun capturing the model and actor with Justine!

True beauty

Best capture of Rochelle - she's lovely!
 Call me if you are ready to schedule an appointment for April/May...filling up fast.  810-3504 or

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  1. Lucky Seniors who have you as their photographer! You surely capture the beauty, charm, and the whimsical.