Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vintage themed photo shoot!

I had a great time with the Siken/Chacon girls for a themed shoot last weekend.   I really wanted to shoot a vintage theme with pretty girls, vintage clothes and fun props I found. (going out of business antique store...scored the suitcase)  Justine had the perfect dress and shoes which added to the fun of the shoot. Pam wore a dress she bought for her honeymoon. Jessayln decided she wanted in on the action so she got in a few of the shots too.  It made it nice to capture the three of them together. 

You too can have a shoot like this and invite a group of friends, sister, mom. See below my new adventure just for you.   Limited time only!

I think this is my favorite of the day....

Color or Black & White?

Which one....black and white or color? Leave a comment at the end.

Love these...which one is your favorite?  One, two, three or four?

WOW!  I love this one!  Beautiful Pam!

Yes, mom and her daughters!  I know..... they all look like sisters to me too.

Jessalyn is waiting for the photo session to begin!  A lot of primping going on behind the scenes.
Portable changing room


  1. These are lovely, Kathy! Yes, you definitely scored with the cool red suitcase! I really love the polka dot dress which seems to fit the scene perfectly and definitely has that vintage feel. The red shoes echo the red hue in the suitcase, which I also really love. What beautiful models, as well. They definitely look like a trio of sisters! The black and white of the three of them together is very timeless. Lovely work, Kathy!

  2. Thank you, Amy! So sweet of you to comment and notice all added touches.

  3. Justine Chacon8/10/12, 3:57 PM

    These are very fun Kathy! I really like the one of mom and I by the tree, with just our heads...the colors work really well and it seems a very natural shot! We had a lot of fun, too! I was glad to be able to show off my new dress and your fabulous earrings you let me use in that one shot--very cool! Thanks for the opportunity Kathy! :D