Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Santa Cruz Memories

This photo captures a great place of memories and sun.  We used to vacation here as kids.  We spent a few days at a Motel 6 right down the street from the beach. We really liked it because it had a pool. No complaints here. Believe it or not, the hotel is still there. In those days not much sun screen was applied.  If it was, maybe only once. Burn... The sun is deceiving on the beach...even in overcast weather you can burn. I tan pretty easy but I even burn at the beach. I remember those burns and after affects. I'm sure you have memories of the "burn" too.

Anyway, my friend Kim and I were here last weekend. I got my camera out after she pulled over trying to find a parking spot and taking a phone call.  I would have never found this great overview of the boardwalk and beach if we hadn't pulled over.  Never give it a second thought to pull over to capture that shot.  You never know it could be a keeper.
My friend, Kim!  Her first time on the Santa Cruz beach and boardwalk.
Santa Cruz mountains at Mt. Hermon

Yes, I did step in the middle of the road to capture this.  I'm a photographer so I had to get it.  I was safe and Kim was watching on coming traffic behind me.

Motel 6 - same hotel our family stayed in - 1968 or so.
The color is very retro don't you think?

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