Saturday, April 26, 2014

2014 Portfolio

lifestyle: author/speaker for website

Produced pamphlet/bulletin cover 2014 (generations from 80's-1 yr. old baby)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Vintage & behind the scenes

Vintage & More BTS from Patterson Visual Arts on Vimeo.

A behind the scenes look at a recent photo shoot with Dale & Austin. Thank you Ashley for the great video work and thank you Dale for helping with the added lighting and fun.  To the models, Ashley and Alli….awesome work girls.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Head Shots and or Beauty Shots....

I've been shooting a lot of head shots this last year or so and thought I'd post about it.  Lately I've been  shooting for a dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry.  I am privileged to take their "after" image of their new smile. How cool is that? Other professional people I've shot are; theater, high school seniors, dentist, speakers, politicians, co-workers, musicians and artists.  Everyone needs a great headshot with social media being a main source of communication these days.

I'm so excited to tell you that I got an invitation to do a shoot for a speaker/friend of mine in San Diego.  Yes, she wants me to fly there and get some new images for her website. She is updating her website and doing a Bible study series video that she will need images of also.  San Diego here I come!  Then I can add author to my list of head shots.

There are people who want nice looking and flattering Facebook and eHarmony head shots. Well, wouldn't you?  Personally I don't like being in the front of the camera these days.  But if I do need a great image or head shot, I want a good photographer who knows how to pose me for the most flattering image and captures me as a person.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

ROCK THE SHOT - "RED" contest

My friend, Pam and I spent a day in Jackson, a quaint little town a few weeks back.  I found this scarf/hat in a cute little antique store and just knew I had to have it for a photo shoot some day.  It was right before Christmas and I decided not to purchase it.  Bad idea.

I couldn't get it out of mind my so Pam graciously and eagerly drove me back to Jackson to pick up this beautiful red scarf. I knew I wanted to take my images with Pam in mind. I bought the scarf (thankfully it was still there) and we hit a few more antique stores and went home.  I was happy!

A few weeks later a few of us were going to lunch after church and I had this scarf/hat in my car. Purposely placed in my car just in case I had a chance to use it.  I asked Pam if she'd pose for me for a just a few shots before we ate lunch.  Literally, this image was taken in the parking lot of Chilies. I only took a few shots and this one came out and captured her beauty. She said she loved wearing the hat and it was keeping her warm too.

This will be one of my favorites for along time.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Favorites Images from 2012.....

As I look back I realize what a wonderful time I had with some amazing clients and friends.  It was tough choosing just a few images from each shoot but it reminded me how much I love photography and the art form it takes on at each shoot. I did some personal work too for my own benefit, using new ideas and skills, and creating  and enjoyed that as well. 

Thank you to all of my clients over the past year.  You have been such a support to me and I appreciate you greatly.  

Facebook friends as you glance through this last post of 2012,  let me know a favorite of yours over the year.  I am truly interested in knowing.  You all have been an encouragement to me along with your kind comments.

May God smile on you in the coming year.  



Friday, October 26, 2012

Creative Fall & Summer all in one shoot.....

It was such a fun day shooting Charlie and Stephanie at Lodi Lake.  At first I thought I might have to go to plan B since we were locked out of the park because of a run/race taking place with a variety of schools. what? Maybe I'll post a shot of the runners who almost trampled us down. (I couldn't resist) Thank goodness for one of the coaches for warning us since we were literally right at the spot they were going to be running.  

I shot some fall and summer images that I had wanted to shoot. I love props and choose the balloons to match Stephanie's dress.  We chose some colors that they liked and added a pop of color with the red scarf to enhance Stephanie amazing blues eyes.  

Are they the most gorgeous couple you've ever laid your eyes on?  Charlie's sister, Rochelle (who is adorable too) set me up with this shoot and I so thrilled to meet them.  Charlie works in Lodi and Stephanie is going to school at Sac State and works there too.  They are both from Lodi and love adventure and outdoor activities.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oak Farms Winery Restful Night with Friends and Hummingbirds

I was invited by friends, Jim and Jodi Fecteau to an evening event at Oak Farms Winery. I believe the night was called "Stress-Free at Oak Farms".   There was music playing in the background with a hired pianist playing on a baby grand and a bass player.  We sat at an outdoor table and the trees above us had hummingbird feeders as the hummingbirds gathered for us to relax and watch.  Then they served us wine, homemade apple pie and ice cream as we watched the sunset. It was a perfect summer evening in Lodi.  Warm but a cool breeze to enjoy.

I took the opportunity to capture a few photos of the flowers on their property.  Jodi said I should bring my camera so I'm glad I did. Thank you Jim and Jodi for a nice evening.

Jim and Jodi at sunset and a glass of wine.

Hummingbird Feeder